Destination: The Ark of the Tree of Life Envisioned
This is the second of three new paintings of mine currently on exhibition at The large orb derives from numerous paintings and drawings I have produced on the theme of ‘seed’ (particularly the mustard seed, one of nature’s tiniest seeds). As a germ carrying the blueprint of the whole tree that it might become, it is a fragile vessel of hope and future potential, and here I have expanded it into a giant seed… juxtaposed by a similar symbol, the genesis of a floating ark. Noah, of Bible fame envisioned an ‘ark-womb’, a symbolic ‘Tree of Life’ destined to preserve mankind and all of life on earth against evil and calamity. In this work the two seeds converse with one another.
Silicone, wire and wood on canvas. Approx 200cm (w) X 160cm (h) X 60cm (d)

Published by Walter Hayn

I'm an artist- paintings, sculptures and film

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