Drawing with the Virus

As I shared in the previous post, I fell ill with Covid-19 in the middle of March 2020 which necessitated a three week period of self-isolation. The disturbing news reports of global infection rates, restriction of movement and death-counts were being monitored by most people with morbid fascination, and in the UK, hand-washing and theContinue reading “Drawing with the Virus”

Subitism: On Holy Ground

Towards the end of March and into April 2020 I fell ill with the Covid-19 virus. During that time I produced a few drawings despite feeling very unwell. As I convalesced (the effects of the virus seemed to last for weeks), I started to use colour in a new way in my ‘planning’ drawings andContinue reading “Subitism: On Holy Ground”

‘The Unseen Interacting Extension of Persons’

Recently I bought a book (image above), on the art of Willem de Kooning. I am not quite sure why I had never really taken note of him before, but, this was one of those art book purchases where I realised with growing excitement that the timing of purchasing the book was perfect, and necessarilyContinue reading “‘The Unseen Interacting Extension of Persons’”

The Idea of Seeds

Recently I have been working hard to complete a series of drawings on paper which I began in July 2019 which are all based on the idea of ‘seeds’. (why the delay in working on them? Well a trip to South Africa leading to a new series of drawings plus an exhibition opportunity, kind ofContinue reading “The Idea of Seeds”

The Question of Grids

I have used a grid format unconsciously in many artworks in the past, but more recently have become much more aware of using it. It was around the time that I visited a solo exhibition (April 2019) by an acquaintance who paints construction sites en plein air, that I started to reflect more deeply onContinue reading “The Question of Grids”

Lace Drawings

Recently whilst doing one of my pen and ink drawings I was remembering the lace which my father, Eberhard Hayn, produced decades ago as manager of a lace manufacturing factory called ‘Universal Lace’ in Pinetown, South Africa. The samples above were produced by him and whilst the patterns for lace were often bought from influentialContinue reading “Lace Drawings”

Four Portraits

I had the privilege of drawing portraits at Tension Gallery SE20 where we had an afternoon, open to the public, of drawing in the space surrounded by the ‘Foursight, and everything in between’ exhibition. (Running till the 1st February 2020). I haven’t drawn from a live model for awhile, but my recent drawings and paintingsContinue reading “Four Portraits”