Drawing with the Virus

As I shared in the previous post, I fell ill with Covid-19 in the middle of March 2020 which necessitated a three week period of self-isolation. The disturbing news reports of global infection rates, restriction of movement and death-counts were being monitored by most people with morbid fascination, and in the UK, hand-washing and theContinue reading “Drawing with the Virus”

Subitism: On Holy Ground

Towards the end of March and into April 2020 I fell ill with the Covid-19 virus. During that time I produced a few drawings despite feeling very unwell. As I convalesced (the effects of the virus seemed to last for weeks), I started to use colour in a new way in my ‘planning’ drawings andContinue reading “Subitism: On Holy Ground”

‘The Unseen Interacting Extension of Persons’

Recently I bought a book (image above), on the art of Willem de Kooning. I am not quite sure why I had never really taken note of him before, but, this was one of those art book purchases where I realised with growing excitement that the timing of purchasing the book was perfect, and necessarilyContinue reading “‘The Unseen Interacting Extension of Persons’”